Carol Bouvard

ski freestyle aerials


"It's all about flying"

Ski Freestyle Aerials is one out of five disciplines in freestyle skiing and is competed at the Olympics since 1994. It’s about jumping over massive ramps and showing acrobatic skills in the air, as for the men that means to do a tripple backflip with up to 5 twists.

My hardest trick at the moment is a double backflip with two twists – called „Fullfull“. 



The jumps that we perform in competition are judged by execution. There are 5 judges giving points from 1 to 10 each. The highest and the lowest score are cancelled, so for one jump you can get a max score of 30. That score afterwards is multiplied with the difficulty of the jump you performed. So every jump has its own max score. 

max 2.0 points

max 5.0 points

max 3.0 points

My Path

I found my way to aerials through gymnastics (a swiss type of gymnastics). Also i was a passionate skier and i loved jumping over little kickers already as a kid – so aerials was basically the perfect combination of two of my favourite sports

Kopie von DSC_0697

What i love about aerials is its variety in training. There are new challenges to handle every single day – It really never gets boring! (exept if training is cancelled due to bad weather)

Training on the waterramps, in the gym , on the trampolin, in the bungee or on the diving board are just as important as the training on the snowramps.

A big challenge in aerial skiing is to keep orientated while fliping and twisting in the air. Its a colaboration between athlete and coach – The athlete’s feeling is not always the same as the coach’s view. So looking at jumps from different perspectives is really important.

“We devote ourselves to perfection in whatever we do”

because one little mistake can cost everything

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